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Simple, fast loans for your
home improvement project

We’ve teamed up with Mosaic, the leader in home improvement financing, to find you competitive loan options that saves you money and gets your project done right.

Why Mosaic

Pre-qualification doesn’t affect your credit

Low, fixed monthly payments

Request up to $55,000

Funding in as soon as 24 hours

Avoid using home equity

No prepayment penalties

How it Works

Complete a Short Online Form

Just answer a few questions to see available rates without affecting your credit score.

Review Loan Options

If eligible, you’ll get personalized options. You can then apply for your chosen loan.

Get Funded in as Soon as 24 Hours

 If approved, you can access money for your project the next day.

What factors can affect my rates?

Your credit score and history

Your income

Your existing debt

When should you consider a personal loan?

You want to start your project now.

Personal loans release funding as soon as 24 hours after your apply.

You need to pay an insurance deductible.

Personal loans start as small as $2,500, so you can get a personal loan to cover the cost of your deductible.

You can’t access home equity.

Your remodel isn’t over when your bank says no. Personal loans don’t require any home equity.

You want to upgrade your project.

A personal loan can help you get higher quality products than you could get through cash alone.

Mosaic provides easy access to affordable and sustainable home improvements through innovations in technology.

See Loan Rates in 3 Easy Steps

1. Check your eligibility in 60 seconds

We protect your information using 256-bit encryption. Checking your rates will not affect your credit score.

2. Review your loan options

You’ll receive available financing options. Compare your options to find a great monthly payment and rate.

3. Get a loan as soon as tomorrow

When you find an option you like, you’ll be able to continue and apply for a loan.

Fast and simple home improvement loans, no home equity required

•No home equity required
•No prepayment penalties
•Loan options up to $55,000
•Fixed monthly payments


Will pre-qualification affect my credit score?

Submitting pre-qualification will not affect your credit score.
Hard inquiry does not take place until we make payment to
your contractor.

Will I need to verify my income?

In the credit approval process, you’ll be asked your individual
“gross yearly income.” Please be as accurate as possible. If
further clarification is required, you may be asked for “proof
of income” through a W2 or a pay stub. (This verification only
impacts a very small percentage of customers.)

Can I apply with a co-applicant?

No co-applicants are accepted at this time, but someone
else in the household can apply if the original applicant is
denied. Applicants must be listed as owners of the property.

Once credit is approved, how long is it valid for?

60 days. You must sign your loan agreement within 60 days
of receiving approval.

If I am declined due to credit, what can I do?

You will be sent the reason for decline via email, and be able to
take appropriate action. You can then re-apply after 30 days, or
another member of the household can apply immediately.
Applicants must be listed as owners of the property.

When do payments begin?

90 days after the first disbursement of funds are released to
your contractor or 15 days after the final stage of your project
is marked as complete, whichever comes first.

After the promotional period ends*.
* The promotional period timeline begins with the disbursement
of funds is released to your contractor. This takes place upon
completion of the first loan funding stage. This may occur upon
countersignature of the loan agreement or a later date of your
contractor’s choosing and your acknowledgement. Refer to
your contractor for details.

How do I make payments?

All of the loan information and payments will be made in
your borrower portal.

How do I find out how much I owe on my loan?

You can log in to your online account 24 hours a day to view
your loan balance and/or schedule a payment for the date of
your choosing. If you would like to obtain a full payoff
amount for a date up to 10 days in the future, please email

What happens if I move?

This is a personal loan, no lien is placed on your property as a
result. If you move, the loan will remain in your name and
you can pay it off anytime.

If I pay off the loan early, do I still owe interest?

You can pay off the loan amount at any point, and you’ll only
pay for interest that has already accrued.

If you pay off your loan before the promotional period end
date, you don’t owe any interest. If you don’t pay off your
loan prior to the promotional period end date, you are able
to pay off the loan amount at any point, and you’ll only pay
for interest that has already accrued.

Are there any early payment penalties?

Mosaic does not have any prepayment penalties.

Do prepayments go to principal or interest?

Prepayments are first applied to interest that has accrued,
and then applied to principal.

During the promotional period, all payments are applied to
principal. After the promotional period ends, prepayments
are first applied to interest that has accrued, and then
applied to principal.