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Boost curb appeal

Decrease energy bills

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Old or damaged siding decreases the value of your home.

The quick change of seasons can be enjoyable (who doesn’t love a warm day right after a big snow?). They also take a toll on your siding.

High energy bills

Cracked or loose material

Bubbling or blistering siding

Hail damage

Faded color and outdated style

Critter or insect damage

Dry rot

We believe you deserve the best siding option for your home with a personalized experience you enjoy.

Enhance the exterior of your home.

We offer a wide variety of siding options that match your style. Our experts install every type of siding to keep your home looking great for years to come.

Siding options include:







Endeavor Exteriors installs beautiful siding that lasts for decades.

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What types of siding do you install?
We install all siding materials including vinyl, fiber-cement, stucco, and metal.
What siding manufacturers do you work with?
We work primarily with James Hardie, LP, Edco, Plygem and Norandex
How much does a siding project cost?
Siding project costs vary by the type of material being used and how much. They can range from $6/sqft up to $30/sqft+. Read more here for average siding costs by material.
Do you work with insurance to help get my siding covered?
Yes. If you suspect you have storm damage, we will work directly with your insurance company and adjuster on your claim. Learn more about our insurance claims process here.
Do you provide samples and design help when selecting siding products?
Yes! We partner with Hover to provide customers with a 3D rendering of their home. This allows you to switch between different products and colors before making a decision. We also provide advanced design services with HD quality renderings for serious designers. This is an additional design fee and you can learn more here
Should I replace my windows when I replace my siding?
Yes, if you are planning on replacing your windows. The preferred sequence is to install the windows before the siding so we can install new windows with nail fins and replace the existing trim when we install the siding. This allows us to install the windows like a new construction project instead of having to retrofit them into the existing opening.
What are the most common things that go wrong on a siding project?
The most common things that go wrong are 1) Poor installation leading to problems immediately or down the road, 2) Mistakes in the ordering process that leads to delays, 3) No on-site supervision by the contractor that leads to installation or design errors.
How long should my siding last?
You will hear something different from every source. Here’s why: different climates impact material longevity and siding durability differently. We’ve outlined specific materials and how long you can expect them to last when properly installed and maintained.
What is covered under your siding warranty and how long does it last?
Endeavor provides an industry-leading 10-year labor warranty that covers workmanship. Each manufacturer has a different materials warranty depending on what is installed. Like with most things, the better the product, the better the warranty.
How do I maximize my return with my siding project?
Design! This is hands down the best way to capture ROI. Choose materials that will last and be low maintenance. Look around at different styles online and in your neighborhood. If your budget allows, go a little high-end on the design with accent siding and upgraded features.

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