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Why Should I Choose Endeavor To Replace My Windows?

Window maintenance, repair, and replacement can be a hassle. Endeavor’s experts find the right solution for every window shape and size. We make sure every repair and installation is completed in a timely manner, and with precision.

With the Endeavor team of experienced professionals, your window repair or replacement project will improve the look, comfort, and value of your property.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a full frame install and should I do one?
A full-frame install typically requires that you replace the entire window unit, new interior and new exterior trim. In some cases it requires interior, or exterior trim only, but not both. This type of install does not enhance the installation itself, it is purely a personal aesthetic choice.
How do I measure my windows?
There is no one way to measure windows, it solely depends on what kind of existing windows you have and how they were installed. It is best to leave it to the professionals.
What is a nail fin and should I request a nail fin install?
A nail fin install is typically used in new construction applications, although there are conditions in a remove and replace installation where it works perfectly. Those conditions would be where the siding or exterior trim is being replaced.
What is a pocket frame install and should I do one?
This application is where a window is secured into an existing opening without replacing any of the interior and exterior trim. In most cases the existing window frame is not as thick as the new window frame, and in those cases it will require that the drywall and/or the wood sill will need to be cut back.
Should I replace my interior sills and apron?
This will depend on a couple of factors. If the sills and aprons are in need of change due to any sort of damage, UV, water or similar issues then replace them. Nothing worse than getting beautiful new windows only to have unsightly old trim. The second reason would be that new windows aren’t the same thickness as the existing window and the sill would have to be replaced.
How do you cut out the existing window?
Because windows are installed in many different ways, there isn’t one answer to this question. The most common way is to cut between the exterior trim and the window, separating the window from its installation nail fin. It is also very important to cut the caulking on the interior window frame and drywall to prevent any drywall damage during removal.
I have a stucco around my windows, how will you install new ones without damaging the stucco?
Stucco is extremely fragile and requires a seasoned installer in order to limit the damage during the removal stage. In most cases the damage is very minor and can be touched or even covered by the new exterior caulking. The installation process is exactly the same as any other condition.
Does my trim around the windows need to be replaced?
It is not uncommon that the exterior has suffered water damage over its lifetime and will need to be replaced. Outside of damage to the trim, it would simply be a choice of updating the look of your product.
Should I install a double-pane or triple-pane glass?
Both of these glass options offer a viable product depending on your end goals. This is the perfect discussion to have with a window sales person to ensure that your specific needs are met.
What UV rating do you recommend for Colorado?
A window with a 95% UV protection rating is the target number.

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