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A Career Is Here At Endeavor Exteriors

Endeavor Exteriors is the premier exterior remodeling contractor in Denver. Using the latest technologies to create efficient systems and processes, we stand above our competition in terms of customer experience. Our mission is to create a customer experience that changes the way people perceive contractors in our industry. We are looking for forward-thinking people who love to solve problems and have an obsession towards destroying the status quo. If this sounds like you, please send us your resume and we’ll set up an interview to discuss more in depth. We are looking for the absolute best people, and in turn can offer the absolute best culture, technology, incentives, benefits and growth in our industry!

The construction industry is a great opportunity to expand your network, an industry where you get to meet and help different kinds of people. Opportunities to grow in this field are endless as tech and artificial intelligence replace and streamline processes. We leverage the latest technologies for accuracy and efficiency. Regardless of your position, your goal here is to help make the remodeling experience both convenient and enjoyable for our customers. And it is our goal to make sure your experience is enjoyable too – from birthday celebrations to summer night volleyball, choosing us is choosing to be part of a culture of hard-working, like-minded individuals who truly, “work hard, play hard”. 

Our Culture

Team Dedication:

Being a part of the team is an important factor when working with Endeavor Exteriors. You must be able to communicate effectively with all kinds of personalities and people. Our sales team and production team work together closely on all jobs, so you must be able to respect others’ time and opinions.


The storm restoration industry is always changing, which means we are always changing and improving. You need the ability to open up to new ideas and adopt different perspectives that are suitable for the work. We constantly change to better ourselves, and you must be able to accept and adapt to these changes so you can help the team better itself. We have the following motto: “Try a lot of different things and keep what works.”


Every one of our clients deserves your utmost attention while working on their project. It is your responsibility to provide the client with a fantastic customer experience time after time. We pride ourselves on first-class service and expect each member to show this quality from the moment they arrive at the project location until the job is complete.


In this industry, you will be working 12+ hours a day during peak season. That means getting to your first appointment at 7 a.m. and signing contracts at 7 p.m. You need to be motivated enough to work these types of hours. We love all of our employees and understand everyone has a personal life. However, during peak season you need the ability to put personal interests at bay. That doesn’t mean never taking a day off, but working 60 to 80 hour weeks is not out of the norm between May and September. You’ll likely make your whole yearly income during this time period, giving you the ability to take time off in the winter.

A Learning Attitude:

We believe that you never really stop learning, and you never know everything. Having the attitude as a lifelong learner will get you far in the roofing industry. You won’t see success and a $100,000 income in your first 6 months in this industry, but if you continue to learn as often and as much as possible, it WILL come!


In the storm restoration industry, it is easy to get overwhelmed. You have to be a candidate with a high degree of personal responsibility. We don’t mean to sound harsh, but we do not “babysit” our reps. We train you, work with you to develop your skills and allow you the ability to thrive. This is not your industry if your best work is under a micro-manager.

If you believe that you have these basic characteristics and are looking for a career in a fun and exciting industry, we want to hear from you!