2022 Guide to Front Door Replacements

Front Door Replacement

The front door is a massive part of curb appeal. When your friends or family come over, one of the first things they see is your front door. A great front door can make you feel invited into the home. An old, paint-chipped, tattered one might feel off-putting. 

What type of impression would you like to make? If you have an old, worn-out front door, that isn’t going to impress your friends. Plus, gaps or cracks in or around an old door could mean losing cool air in the summer or warm air in the winter. Unless high energy bills are your thing, we suggest looking at options to replace the door and insulate your home.

When you are ready to sell your home, a new front door yields a high return on investment.

You may think you could really use a new front door. However, you go online and start to research and quickly feel overwhelmed. There really are a lot of choices out there.

Luckily, you are not alone in this home improvement project. Here’s a great place to start your entry door replacement journey.

When Is It Time For A Front Door Replacement?

Your front door can last for decades when you take care of it. However, there are some signs that let you know when it’s time for a new front door. 

Here are a few things to watch for:

  • Your door is scratched, dented, or weathered
  • Your door lets in drafty air
  • Your door is lacking features you’d like to have
  • There are cracks on the edges of your door or within its panels 
  • The door isn’t hanging level in its hinges
  • It’s difficult to close and lock the door

If you are ready to sell your home, a new front door can increase your curb appeal. 

If you just purchased a home, and you don’t like the front door — change it! Perhaps it doesn’t have a window or is of poor quality. Or, if you simply don’t like your front door and painting it isn’t going to help, it might be time for a new one.

What Are The Benefits Of A New Front Door?

There are many benefits of a new front door. The three most important features are security, energy efficiency, and enhanced curb appeal.


Intruders most commonly break in through the front door. If you have an old, flimsy, outdated door with an inferior locking system, you could be putting yourself at risk. You improve your home’s security when you install a new, durable front door.

Energy Efficiency

Old doors are prone to cracks, leaks, and letting in drafts. Your home will be more energy-efficient when a new door is professionally installed. 

Enhanced Curb Appeal

The front door is a focal point, and a quality front door will set your home apart from others. This is one of the first features potential buyers will see if you are selling. 

What Styles And Options Are Available For New Front Doors?

There are MANY options for new front doors. When searching online, you can narrow down your choices in various ways. 

Types of Exterior Doors

Choose from a solid door or one with glass. Choose from a single door, or consider double doors if you have a larger space. In addition, you can choose to add glass accents around your door. 

Some options for solid or glass exterior doors include:

    • Flush or paneled (1-8 panels), with or without an arch

    (1)   (8)   (2-panel with arch)


  • ¼ – full view glass

(¼, aka “top” view)   (center view w/ grille)

  • Oval view

  • Double door 

Source: Pella 

Front Door Styles

There are many styles of front doors available. The most common are All Panel, Dutch, or Glass Panel. All panel doors don’t have any glass; they are solid. 

In contrast, Dutch doors can be solid or have glass, but these doors allow the door’s bottom half to remain shut while the top half is open. These are also called half doors or stable doors. 

The last option is glass panel, which includes glass over all or part of the door.

Front Door Materials

Most commonly, front doors come in three materials: fiberglass, wood, and steel. 

  • Fiberglass is the most common material for front doors. Fiberglass is durable, energy-efficient, and offers enhanced security. In addition, fiberglass doors can be manufactured in various styles, colors, and textures.
  • Wood offers a sophisticated and classic look. These doors are rust-free, look elegant, and are a good insulator. 
  • Steel doors are solid and offer superior security. In addition, these doors are energy efficient, can withstand the elements, and require minimal maintenance. 

Wood Front Door Options

If you opt for wood, your choices don’t stop there. You can choose from a variety of wood species to match the look of your home.

Some beautiful wood options include:

  • Alder
  • Cherry
  • Hemlock
  • Knotty alder
  • Mahogany
  • Meranti mahogany
  • Multi-wood
  • Oak
  • Walnut

What Front Door Brands Do You Work With?

For front doors, we work with Pella and JELD-WEN. Both of these companies offer well-designed products in various styles and materials.

Preparing To Install Your New Front Door 

You know the job will be done right when you opt for professional installation services. This is the best way to ensure that the door functions properly and is leak-free.

We will work with you to coordinate the best day for installation. On installation day, you can help us by preparing the space for our installers. Move any furniture or decorations away from the area near the front door. Less clutter makes it easier to work.

On the installation day, the installers will do their best to protect your space by using drop cloths and other protective materials. They will carefully remove your old door and the frame and then dispose of them. They will then put your new, pre-hung door in place and add any necessary hardware or trim. 

The installers will keep you updated on their progress, do their best to respect your space, and keep their work and mess in this isolated area. Expect your room to be cleaned up when the installers are finished. Before they leave, they will ask if you have any questions and show you all the features of your new door.

Enjoying Your Entry Door Replacement

Once the installation has been completed, you can enjoy your new front entry door. Impress your friends with the updated look of your home and enjoy lower energy bills by reducing drafts. Rejoice every time you come home and see your new, stylish front door.

Choosing a new entry door doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Use this guide as a starting point. Then, meet with our team of experts at Endeavor Exteriors. We would be honored to assist you in choosing and installing your new front door. 


Get ready to enjoy your beautifully updated and expertly repaired property.