How to Choose Accent Colors for Your Home

House colors can make or break your home. You definitely don’t want to be the house in the neighborhood known as the “puke house” because the colors of your home are so ugly or distasteful; yet, you want your home to stand out from the crowd because of it’s beautiful exterior paint colors, which includes the accent colors. Endeavor Exteriors is the top roofing company in Denver. We offer residential roofing, commercial roofing, and multi-family roofing, as well as siding installation, window replacement, and door installations. We’ll offer tips on how to choose the accent color of your home to make it the talk of the neighborhood — in a good way. Contact us today for your free exterior home design estimate!


Typically, there are three main features of your home’s exterior: the body of your home, the trim work, or the horizontal and vertical elements such as your doorframe or window frames, and the accents, such as any doors, lights, or even columns. Accent colors target these elements to draw attention to them in a tasteful and eye-catching manner.


  • Stay true to what works. If you want a gorgeous home, there are certain color combinations that have been used together for decades that make will make your home pop, from pearl gray, slate blue, and white to sage green, cream, and yellow. Don’t forget you can paint the outside light fixtures or any other object hanging from your home, such as plant holders, to add variety and depth to your home’s accents.
  • Put a twist on the classics. You can stick to classic colors, but instead put them on our home’s trim in creative ways. Mix up your color scheme by varying the shades of classic colors or choose two colors for your trimwork to mix-and-match.
  • Try primary colors for depth. Red, yellow, and blue are the primary colors that are the base for all other colors. Combining these colors with a muted house color, such as forest green or white, will give your home a distinctive and bright appearance.
  • Wood brings warmth to a home. If your home is very traditional and painted in a traditional color scheme, consider adding in wood accents or wood stains to not only add color, but to also soften the overall look of your home.
  • Choose one color and vary the shade. A very popular color scheme that works when planned carefully, choose a darker color such as a dark gray for your trimwork, a lighter gray for your overall home, and then a bright color for your door, such as red to jar the eye and make your home memorable. Another option: use the surrounding landscape as your eye-jar, which works particularly well for homes on lakes or in the mountains.

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